From the man’s crown to a woman’s treasure, the Aqqal makes an interesting journey with this collection.

The collection transforms the Aqqal, a woollen rope set atop a man’s head as part of his traditional ghetra headpiece, into a bracelet that garlands a woman's wrist. This uniquely masculine design is created using the intricate Italian technique of supple Tubogas in 18 karat gold and ethically sourced diamonds.

What makes this collection truly special is the hidden repository laid within the bracelets clasp. Contained in this secret compartment are wax perfumed spheres that can hold a beloved’s scent. A multi-sensory collection, Aqqal wraps its wearer with the powerful scent of passionate love.

Handcrafted in Italy, the Aqqal collection is limited to only 50 pieces available in Sparkly with Diamonds, and Very Inspirational Person (VIP) designs, and in yellow, white, and rose gold colours.

Aqqal Rose Gold

Aqqal White Gold

Aqqal Yellow Gold