Rooted in Self-Love, Me-Oh-Me is a collection of personal mantras created to remind its possessor of their superpower. At the centre of every ornament lies one of the collection’s seven power words. Each word embossed in gold Arabic calligraphy sits against a vivid hand-lacquered enamel on a reversible disk. Rotating this disk lets the wearer decide if their word will sit safely against the skin or if it will be revealed to the world as a powerful declaration of Love.

Created in 18 karat gold and crowned with ethically sourced diamonds, this collection reflects a woman's inner strength, a mantra she can place close to her heart or on her pulse in form of a necklace, bracelet or ring.

Skilfully crafted in Italy, the Me-Oh-Me collection is available in Royal Gold, Sparkly with Diamonds and Very Inspirational Person (VIP) designs. With only 50 pieces created in each option, every ornament is a personal treasure.

So Astounding

So Exceptional

So Exquisite

So Happy

So Loving

So Luminous

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