Our story

INTISARS is an expression of ‘Life’s Greatest Loves’. With every collection taking inspiration from one of these Loves, be it Self Love, Family Love, Passionate Love or Proud Love of One’s Heritage.

Every piece, in every collection is a love story in itself. A treasure created from the perfect union between Arabian tradition and Italian craftsmanship. However what makes INTISARS truly special is the emotions it evokes. Resting against its wearer’s skin, the simple touch can bring to the mind Meaningful Reminders of Love.

Crafted in Valenza, Italy, INTISARS is Love encapsulated in 18 karat Gold and embellished with ethically sourced diamonds. A perfect memento to be worn, given, kept or passed down.

With every design limited to only 50 pieces, INTISARS is as unique as it is elegant. Jewellery that touches not just your skin, but your heart!