We recommend the following care: 

Whilst not being worn, we recommend storing your Intisars jewellery piece(s) in its original package. 

In order to keep your Intisars jewellery piece(s) in a beautiful condition, we recommend that you do not wear it whilst in water. 

Since gold is a soft metal, use the gold polishing cloth to wipe down the surfaces to remove light scratches. 

Should your jewellery require tougher cleaning, please use a professional jewellery service 

If your jewellery is accidentally damaged, you can return it to Intisars Jewellery for repair at a cost of 400 Euros + shipping. Please note that due to the exceptional craftsmanship and care applied while building this product, this process may take up to 12 weeks. Before returning, please email  [email protected]  


Do you have a gift service? is the perfect place to buy someone a present. It is very easy to do, just enter the person's address as the delivery address. If you wish you can add a personalized message which will be attached to the package. Of course, the package will be carefully wrapped with our usual high standards.