Aqqal is all about the senses. A collection in which the traditional woollen rope that crown’s a man’s Ghetra headpiece makes a transformative journey to a woman’s precious jewel.

A multi-sensory collection with a uniquely masculine feel, the femininity of the piece lies in hidden under the bracelet’s openwork clasp. A concealed repository under the intricate clasp holds in it wax perfumed spheres soaked with a beloved’s scent, encircling the wearer with the touch, feel and scent of Passionate Love.

Me Oh Me

Rooted in Self-Love, Me-Oh-Me is a collection of personal mantras created to remind its possessor of their superpower. A secret that can remain hidden or be revealed to the world.

Every rotatable ornament features one of the collection’s seven power words, the strength of which can be felt close to your heart or on your pulse in the form of a necklace, bracelet or ring.